Manifesto and CV

I’ve been lucky enough to have some amazing mentors and friends throughout my career who have each left an indelible mark on my world view. Props to John, Susan, Charlie, Marty, Scott, Troy, Sebastian, and Franky (you know who you are) for their advice and support over the years.

My incomplete manifesto…

…to following your passion, helping your clients and moving the needle in the right direction:

  1. Put your client’s interests ahead of your own. This is principle no.1. 
  2. Trust your gut, but trust the data more. We want to help our clients solve the right problems with the right solutions. 
  3. If it’s broken, fix it. The world becomes a better place when you help someone fix something. 
  4. If not broken, improve it. Sometimes a small tweek can create a lasting impact. 
  5. If it is really not working, innovate. Because the past is not always a useful predictor of the future. 
  6. Always keep it simple, keep it focused. Perfection, complexity, over-thinking and prolixity are the four horsemen of the communications apocalypse. 
  7. Success and failure are easily confused. Some successes are failures in the long run and some failures can be the most powerful successes in life. 
  8. Resist trends until the evidence proves otherwise. They fuel a throwaway consumerist culture, sometimes the best solutions are not the sexiest. 
  9. Put more into your network than you take out. Generosity and kindness are catchy pass it on. 
  10. We help each other succeed in our business and personal goals. Our life is better when those around us succeed. 
  11. Pay it forward. Random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty make everyone feel better. 
  12. Play the ball, not the person. Try not to kick the shins of other players, it hurts.
  13. Don’t spend money flying a class that exceeds the monthly income of your client.  It sends the wrong message.
  14. Treat the client’s and the firm’s money as if it was your own.  We are all in this together, a penny saved is a penny earned.
  15. Know the burn rate of your key resources and learn to spot the financial hemorraging. Our team is like a tank of gas, we can go a long way on very little if we keep lean.
  16. Ask for forgiveness, not for permission. You are too awesome to be micro-managed, but if you break it, we all own it. 
  17. Nanos gigantum humeris insidentes.  It’s an old way of saying we cannot succeed without each other or those who came before us.
  18. Our word is our bond, our handshake our contract, and we always honor our commitments. ‘nough said really.

You can download my resume here: